PC World Won't Open In Google Chrome

Google started reporting "This webpage is not available" (and "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED") if I clicked the More button, when I went to pcworld.com.

It turns out this was caused by the HTTPS Everywhere extension. HTTPS Everywhere was redirecting links from http://www.pcworld.com to https://www.pcworld.com, and PC World does not work with https!

To fix this, look in your address bar, at its right side. There is a blue circle with arrows coming out of it. Click it. Turn off HTTPS for PC World. Bask in the glory of success.

Coffeeshop Wi-Fi Safety With Windows

If you use a public Wi-Fi hot spot, and it is configured to use WPA or WPA2, it is probably safe to use the hot spot. If you don't know whether the hot spot uses WPA/WPA2:

Change Toolbar Icon Size

I have toolbars on my Windows Taskbar. It is easy to change the icon size on the Taskbar via right-click on the Taskbar, select Properties, and set/clear "Use small icons."

But I can never remember how to change the size of icons in a Toolbar which I have added to the Taskbar. To do that:

  • Turn off "Lock the Taskbar" via right-click on the Taskbar.
  • Right-click on the Name of your Toolbar and choose View.
  • Choose "Large Icons" or "Small Icons" on that sub-menu.

TODO: <file description> has stopped working

Every once in a while, you'll get a Windows error dialog with the title "TODO: <file description>" and the text "TODO: <File description> has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program." You'll be given the options of "Close the program" and "Debug the program".

Conference Calls

This video, "A Conference Call in Real Life," is a must-see if you spend all day in conference calls.

DisplayLink Problem on Intel HD 4000 Graphics

At work, they replaced my HP ProBook 6450b with an HP ProBook 6470b. This upgraded my video chip. (It wasn't something I wanted. They just do this every 3 years as a "lease roll".)

This broke my DisplayLink adapter. Mouse was almost invisible, often left mouse droppings, and window update was abysmally slow. I knew this wasn't USB 2.0 slowness, because the same adapter worked on the old laptop.

Ikea Komlement Hinge Adjustment (for Pax Wardrobe)

Here's how the adjustments on an Ikea Komplement hinge (used on the Pax wardrobe) work.

There are 3 adjusting screws: Hinge image here

MacPorts Error With Mavericks

I was trying to install KMyMoney from macports on OS X Mavericks. In turn, this attempted a macports install of llvm-gcc42. This produced the error: "The directory that should contain system headers does not exist" macports

The solution is to manually install XCode tools via xcode-select --install

Note that xcode command line tools are supposed to automagically install, but when they do, they don't create /usr/include, and that's what's missing.

Some Notes on AppleScript and Folder Actions

Here are some things I've learned about AppleScript and about Mac OS X "Folder Actions".

Change Account Recovery Options for Google Apps Account

Suppose you set up a Google Apps (private domain) with Google, so that your email sent to example.com gets handled by GMail. Google recently published a blog entry, encouraging everyone to set up account recovery for their Google account and their GMail account. But these directions don't apply to Google Apps for your domain example.com.

Google expects that the administrator for your domain will handle account recovery and password resets for all of your (non-admin) users. That's you.


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